*The Jazz Page by D. Glenn Daniels

 “Bay Area-based vocalist Chloé Jean’s Fairy Tale Fail is a rousing success… a colorful collection of self-penned originals and covers of tunes nicely rendered by Jean with a voice that deftly crosses soulful musical genres. A wonderful recording and truly enjoyable listening experience.”


*JazzWeekly by George Harris

“Relaxed and smooth, vocalist Chloe Jean gives soft and soulful readings… she shows how to work a room on a concert read of “Crazy” complete with scat and rapport. Wholesome and then some.”


*Bistro Awards by Gerry Geddes

“Sometimes when you listen to a new recording, in the first seconds you are captivated by a fresh sound, personal delivery, perfect instrumentation and immaculate production; you just sit back, smile, and enjoy an exciting and refreshing new voice on the scene. Such was my response to Fairy Tale Fail, the new album by Chloé Jean. It is one of the most assured and delightful debuts I have ever heard. Fairy Tale Fail reveals further surprises and treasures with each re-listen. It is a very special introduction to a very special singer, Chloé Jean.”


L.A. Jazz Scene by Doc Wendell

 “Soulful, uplifting and joyous. Jean’s vocals have a hint of modern soul fused with classic jazz and the results are brilliant. Jean’s wide vocal range and knowledge of a variety of musical genres makes her truly stand out from most of the other female vocalists on the scene today. Ray Obiedo’s production is crisp and clean throughout.”


*Jazz Life.

It was closer to soul pop in the past, but full-fledged debut by changing the route to jazz. With a guitarist Ray Obiedo’s production, this album includes her originals, covers of standards and hits. With her attractive voice quality and singing, this album became an enjoyable one. In terms of the songs, Nora Jones’ big hit (5) and Roberta Flack’s (10), the chorus part she layered creates a good atmosphere. The sense of refreshing the old standard songs (2&4) is not bad, including the arrangement.(Hiroshi Ogawa)

*The Jazz Page by Glenn Daniels

Bay Area-based vocalist Chloé Jean’s Fairy Tale Fail is a rousing success. Produced by guitar great, Ray Obiedo, the production features a colorful collection of self-penned originals and covers of tunes nicely rendered by Jean with a voice that deftly crosses soulful musical genres. In addition to Obiedo, the music is enhanced by the talents of keyboardist David K. Mathews, pianist Peter Horvath, bassists Marc Van Wageningen and Dan Feiszli, percussionist Peter Michael Escovedo, drummers Billy Johnson and Jason Lewis. On the brass side of things are trumpeter Mike Olmos and saxophonists Norbert Stachel and Charles McNeal. A wonderful recording and truly enjoyable listening experience.


*Sound Advice/Talkin’ Broadway by Rob Lester

“Melting vocals and mellow vibes are major values that are on the asset side of singer Chloé Jean's collection called Fairy Tale Fail. Drenched in silky stylings, even her melancholy moods and expressions of disappointment feel coated with some honey. The vocalist often projects an underlying spirit that can be strong and/or sensitive. And that's worthy of attention.”


*Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil

 “This is a vocalist who can move either way up the pop charts or up the jazz lane.  I don’t think she’s decided yet, but the musical decision is hers. Either way, her voice is soothing, expressive, and beautiful.”


*Sound of Timeless Jazz by Paula Edelstein

 “A modern, R&B-inspired, beautifully sung and arranged album by jazz vocalist and songwriter Chloé Jean. How fortunate it is to have such an enthralling debut recording from such incredible musicians. With Fairy Tale Fail, Chloe and her collaborators have created something of rare power.”


*La Habitacion del Jazz (The Jazz Room, Spain) by Jose Ramon

 “A beautiful album that is very pleasurable to listen to.”


*O’s Place Jazz Magazine by Oscar Groomes

 “Soulful vocals, with rich harmonization on “Fairy Tale Fail” that extends throughout the session. We enjoyed freshly arranged classics like “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, and “Cry Me A River.”