Chloe Jean is a Mill Valley based award-winning recording artist and songwriter. She has shared the stage with Robert Cray, Jose Luis Rodriguez (aka. El Puma), Tony Lindsay of Santana, Nelly McKay, and La Oreja de Van Gogh. Chloe has worked as a session vocalist and songwriter for Ken Caillat’s Sleeping Giant Records since 2016 as well as a songwriting mentor for Artist Max. Chloe is a Sofar Sounds artist as well as a lead vocalist in the premier funk band Foreverland. She is currently recording a jazz album produced by famed Jazz musician Ray Oviedo.

Here are some of the cool ways she has used her voice:

-writer and vocalist for Sleeping Giant Records, West Hollywood, CA  I

-writer and vocalist for TempleMusicGroup, SF  

-West Coast Songwriter’s Association (WCS) Best gospel ' song  

-winner: WCS. Best blue grass song  

-winner: WCS. Best adult contemporary song  

-winner: - Songs for Social Change (Renaissance Artists and Writers Association) l

-Director: San Rafael Children’s Choir benefitting the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter  

-Songwriting Mentor: Artist Max Los Angeles  

-Songwriter for Heavy Hitters Music Group, CBS, Fox, and NBC.  

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