"Chloe is on fire. I'd go to any show she's playing." Ken Caillat, CEO Sleeping Giant Records.

"Raw, authentic, strong, fierce. That's how I would describe Chloe's music." -Eric Berdon, music producer, sound engineer

"Chloe Jean is a name everyone should know." -Bettina Devin. Actress.

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Chloe was an All-American track star on full scholarship. She couldn't have known that half way into her third year at Cal, she'd be scouted by a modeling agent. Chloe embarked on a career landing contracts with FORD and JE Models. As she traveled the world shooting campaigns for Nike, Adidas, Levi's, REI, National Geographic, and many others, she gained a new appreciation for indigenous people and their music. Traveling to places such as South Africa, New Zealand, and Chile helped shape her unique sound. 

California-raised but Appalachian infused is how Chloe likes to describe herself. The product of African and Native American parents, her music reflects the influences she received from an ancestry deeply rooted in music. She has written and recorded for San Francisco-based Temple Music Records and Sleeping Giant Records in West Hollywood.  Her writing skills have garnered songwriting awards  from the West Coast Songwriter's Association, Songwriter Universe, the John Lennon Music Foundation, and the Renaissance Artists and Writer's Association. Chloe also writes and performs for non-profit organizations. She particularly loves performing for kids. In July 2016 she directed a children's choir to benefit San Rafael's Battered Women and Children's Shelter.   

Chloe's life was turned upside down In September of 2016 she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Chloe describes the following six months of surgeries and chemotherapy as the most devastating, yet rewarding of her life. 

"Now that I'm on the other side of cancer, I feel stronger and more vibrant than ever. Suffering is a gift because it helps us realize that every moment and every life form is a treasure.
 I want to share that realization with an audience. That audience might only be three people in a cafe or  it might be one thousand in an auditorium. The numbers don't matter, it's about the connection." -chloe jean

Chloe's current projects involve shows at the famed Record Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA, writing and performing for a cabaret show  in San Francisco, an EP release, and a west coast tour. The first song off of her EP 'In War' is currently featured in the Songs For Social Change collection. In April of 2017 Chloe signed to Heavy Hitters Music Group, a Los Angeles based  music publishing agency. You can find her performing regularly at SF's exclusive Battery Club and at various venues throughout northern California. 

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"One good thing about music, when it hits you , you feel no pain." -Bob Marley